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Spring is a season of new beginnings.  The snow has all melted away and the sun beats upon the thawing soil, feeding life back into the trees and flowers that have been patiently waiting to be admired again.  It’s a perfect time to celebrate another new beginning.

With her dress hung on the closet door of the room, Kary’s bridesmaids watched her smile as her last preparations were finishing, leading way to her spring wedding day.  A new beginning for her and Anthony, but only a part of their story.  A story of love and family, together forever.

A loving gaze from him as she walked down the aisle with her father, holding a memorial bouquet of loved ones passed.  They held each others’ hands, exchanged vows and rings with the help of their son, and made a promise of love and a life full of new beginnings and incredible stories with no end.

As the sun was setting through the windows of the Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga, they laughed and danced away into the night with their family and friends.

Kary and Anthony – it was our honour to be a part of this new beginning for you and your family, and we are so happy to have been able to help capture this new beginning in a very long and happy life together.

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!.. or watch it here below!

Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga Wedding Photographers

Kary + Anthony Mississauga Wedding Photographers Grand Metropolitan from Brent and Patti on Vimeo.

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After reading the heading to this post, you might be thinking to yourself that it seems a little trivial when it comes to booking your wedding photographer.  Of course the most important thing would be the quality of their work and the imagery that you want to have representing your memories, hands down – no exception.  But, more and more, one of the questions that we are being asked by our couples when we first meet is “What do you wear?”  It’s an honest question and we completely understand why they would ask.  That’s why we never shy away from answering.

When shooting a wedding, Patti and I dress to blend in so that we’re not drawing any more attention to ourselves than we need to, and that way we aren’t taking away from any of the couple’s or love one’s experience during the day.  How we figure this out is by asking the same sort of question back to them.  We dress ourselves according to the bridal party – so that means if Formal, then we dress Formally.  If it’s a beach wedding with casual light attire, then we match to that (but not wedding party colours, fashion faux pas, zoinks!) so that all the attention stays where it should be.

Although it may be a small aspect of how we work, it is a major plus in that it is one less thing that our couples will have to worry about on the day of their wedding.

So, to help visualize (and since it’s much easier for guys to get ready ;) ), I (Brent) have been “volunteered” to be first to show what I wear to a Formal Wedding!

Wedding Photographer Formal Attire


1.  A freshly pressed suit for me is a must at a Formal wedding.  Dark colours make for ease of walking around and less chance of being noticed … not that I would wear yellow anyhow!  A dark tie is always worn so that a “pop” of colour isn’t drawing anyone’s eye either, and I always make sure the tie is always darker than the shirt.  This particular suit is a dark gray which keeps the blending mode, but also is a slight difference if the groom and his side wear black.

2.  I have a favourite pair of cufflinks that I wear to every wedding that allows for a french cuffed shirt.  Mini SLR-style cameras! (close-up pic below)

3.  Timelines are a big part of our process.  But what’s a timeline without actually knowing what time it is?  That’s where my Fossil watch comes in!

4.  Tie clip.  Plain and simple.  Nothing worse than a breeze that turns my tie into a mini flag.

5.  Black shoes.  Shined and all-day-wearable.

Here’s a close-up of those cufflinks!:


And here’s the combination in action … well, at least from the waist up… Notice how our groom Mike is not paying attention to me at all?  He’s just having a great time watching and interacting with his friends while getting their picture taken:


We will try to post behind the scenes photos of us all dressed up, but only when we find ones that aren’t embarrassing ;)

Happy Wedding Planning!


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February 18, 2014 - 1:43 pm

Patti - A couple of pretty handsome guys!!

January 30, 2014 - 5:33 pm

Mari - I love this pic :)


It happened – your perfect wedding day.  Your dress was beautiful, he wore his custom cufflinks, the emotions you felt when seeing each other for the first time.  The DIY mastery, flowers to make anyone “ooh” and “ahh”, your first dance.

You’re back from your honeymoon and loving every day together as a married couple.  Family and friends come to visit, and you want to show off your wedding day memories.  What feels better?  Trying to have everyone gather around your laptop to view the hundreds of photos on your CD, waiting for it to load, clicking through images one by one.  Or…

Watching your loved ones smile and reminisce as they hold a new family heirloom, turning the pages and experiencing the story of your wedding day.

The CD of your photos is nice to have, but with the constant change in technology it is uncertain if that CD will be viewable in the future.  After time, where will your CD be kept?  It’s heartbreaking to think that it will be lost in a drawer and your memories will never been shown again.

A fellow photographer, and friend of ours, Taylor Roades wrote this on her website about albums:

“There is something to be said for having something concrete that you can hold in your hands, that can be passed around at a family dinner. On a screen, as beautiful as photos can be, they are skimmed through so quickly it is hard to appreciate a good image.

And that is why wedding albums are so important.  Albums bring the story of a wedding together from start to finish, they are a curated version of the day. And they complete my job as a story teller.”


We offer albums to our couples to ensure they will be enjoyed for generations.  Instant viewing; touch, hold and feel your memories; sit with your grandchildren one day and share your story.  They are beautifully crafted with natural leather and printed in true photographic fashion on high quality paper.




The strong backing between each page, lay-flat design and no-cut fold help to enhance and not take away from your memories.


Toronto Wedding Photographer

We hope you enjoy this Toronto wedding photography provided by Brent & Patti Photography offering Toronto wedding photography in the Greater Toronto area.

Brent & Patti Photography is anything but your average Toronto wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Toronto area.

Offering wedding coverage in Burlington, Oakville, Toronto and the Niagara Falls area, this wedding photography studio is located right here in the greater Toronto area.

Service Information:

Brent & Patti Photography offers Toronto wedding photography coverage in the Greater Toronto Area area, including but not limited to, Milton, ON, Toronto, ON, and the surrounding areas. In addition, we also offer wedding photography coverage in Kitchener and Waterloo. Email us for more information.

Not looking for a Toronto wedding photographer? Please be sure to consider us for your newborn photography and all your family photography needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

Location Information:

We are located conveniently just outside of Toronto in Milton, ON.

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January 11, 2014 - 12:39 pm

Patti - You are so right, your wedding was so sweet and intimate and you two rocked your photos! I can not think of a better gift for your children and their children that will last years to come!

January 9, 2014 - 5:13 pm

Mari - We totally need to do this!!!


The wind tossed the fallen leaves around the front door, autumn had set in as if it was wanting to be a part of their day.  Inside her parents home, Brandi kept warm as final preparations were being done in getting ready for an incredibly memorable day.  As her dad watched from the kitchen, Brandi’s mom lovingly helped with buttoning her dress and her bridesmaids kept the laughter going as the time to see her groom was quickly approaching.

His sister helped pin his boutonniere, making sure her little brother looked perfect.  Steven adjusted his tie and checked the cufflinks given to him for this particular day, just before greeting guests as they arrived for the ceremony.

In the light of the windows over looking the lake, Brandi and Steven promised to love each other forever in the presence of their loved ones.  And after an impressive choreographed first dance, in the ambiance of the setting sun that broke through the clouds, they shared in an evening of more laughter and heartfelt stories before dancing the night away.

Brandi and Steven – we are so very happy for you and know that even after your Disney honeymoon that the fairytale that is your life together will continue to be happily-ever-after.  Thank you for being you, and it was our honour to be there with you throughout your wedding day.

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!.. or watch it here below!

Harbour Banquet Conference Centre Oakville Wedding Photographers

Brandi + Steven Oakville Wedding Photographers Harbour Banquet Conference Centre from Brent and Patti on Vimeo.

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