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It’s been a a step-by-step process, but we are very happy with the result and happy to share with you our re-branding. New logo and styling, centralized website and blog in one, and new beard for Brent ;), just to get some new photos of us…

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Her dress hung on the door of her Mother’s bedroom, and with it a piece of material cut into the shape of a heart sewn inside that belonged to her Grandfather.  Although he was not with her in person, Amanda knew that her Grandfather would be enjoying this day with her in her heart and the hearts of everyone he held dear.  While carrying white and purple flowers and sparkling shoes to match, she smiled and knew was ready to see her Groom.

With the help of his brother, Zeus donned his suit jacket and cufflinks, and toasted to a beautiful day and a love to last forever.  And after the top went down of the 911 Carrera S, they rode through the sunlit streets of Milton to the ceremony on the lake in Oakville.

On the lakeside patio of the Compass Restaurant, in the presence of loved ones and those in their hearts, Amanda and Zeus vowed to love and support each other everyday of their lives.

Amanda + Zeus – it is our honour to have had you share your story with us, laugh like friends with us, and to witness what you mean to each other now and forever.

Oakville Wedding Photographer


Ready and smiling.


The way he looks at her.




Absolutely gorgeous!


Another delicious stack by the incredible Flourgirls in Milton.


Love and happiness.


Ceremony, Reception Venue, Caterer:  Compass Restaurant /

Florist:  Creations Special Event & Custom Decor /

Baker:  Flour Girls /

Officiant:  Reverend Deborah Coleman /

DJ:  DJ Marco


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This past weekend marked their One Year Anniversary, and we know that Tony’s excitement is still at the same level when he and Rochelle said “I do!” just like in the photo below – before dancing the night away at the Bellagio Event Centre.

Happy 1st Anniversary Rochelle and Tony!

To see their Full Wedding Blog Post, feel free to click here!

Toronto Wedding Photographer


The door to the room was open just enough to let the passers-by in the hallway know what was happening later that day.  The sounds of shared laughs and excitement poured out stronger the further you stepped into the suite that Kristin, her maid-of-honour and her Mom were using as a mini-celebration hall before the main event.  The light from the large windows wrapped warmly around her dress, sparkled on her bracelet and Grandmother’s broach which she borrowed with love for her wedding.

Along the banks of the Credit River flowing through the heart of Erindale Park, Greg waited to see his bride for the first time that day.  Opting to see each other before the ceremony with a First Look, Kristin and Greg chose to enjoy time together to share their love and excitement – not only for their big day, but the days and years to come as husband and wife, and a family.

In the courtyard beside the gardens of the William Barber Estate as the sun broke through the late afternoon clouds, Kristin and Greg held hands, laughed and loved every moment of professing their love and commitment to each and their loved ones, before enjoying the company of close family and friends into the night.

Kristin and Greg – it was our complete honour to share in your wedding day, and to be able to capture it all for you.

Mississauga Wedding Photographer

four_points_sheraton_wedding_mississaugafour_points_sheraton_mississauga_wedding_preparationbride_in_front_of_window_four_points_sheraton_mississauga_wedding_photographerKapow!highlights-006highlights-008highlights-012highlights-020The First Look … just look at the excitement it created for these love birds.first_look_mississauga_wedding_photographerhighlights-027first_look_erindale_wedding_photographerhighlights-040Stunning, simply stunning.


Fishing anyone?  A groom’s dream day?  Greg was all for it!groom_fishing_credit_river_weddingmississauga_wedding_photographererindale_park_bridge_wedding_photographerhighlights-081william_barber_estate_courtyard_wedding_ceremonyThe way he looks at her…highlights-086william_barber_estate_wedding_ceremonyhighlights-096highlights-098diy_wood_base_wedding_centrepieceAnother delicious ensemble by the ever talented team at Flour Girls in Milton.flour_girls_milton_wedding_cakehighlights-107highlights-108highlights-109best_man_speech_william_barber_estatethe_william_room_barber_estate_weddingLove.first_dance_william_barber_estate_wedding_reception

Coordinator:  Shake It Up Event Management (

Ceremony, Reception Venue, Caterer:  The William Barber Estate (

Florist:  J Deco ( / Facebook Page)

Baker:  Flour Girls (

Dress:  Elizabeth’s Fashions (

Officiant:  Marilyn Dion of Woven Word Ceremonies (

Hair:  Mon Eva Hair Studio (

Makeup:  Gabriella Moody ( / Facebook Page)